could i decide to keep my Qlik Cloud Services data in my own nation (Data Sovereignty)?

could i decide to keep my Qlik Cloud Services data in my own nation (Data Sovereignty)?

No, nevertheless the data can be kept by you inside your chosen area. See question that is previous.

Information Data Access and employ by Qlik:

Qlik employees usually do not access a person’s content on Qlik Cloud solutions unless (a) the consumer actively shares it with some body at Qlik ( ag e.g. in A consulting Services context), or (b) Qlik is prompted by the consumer to access the average person content for troubleshooting just a particular, limited set of Qlik workers can access user that is individual to troubleshoot and just under strict settings.

4. Attunity Items

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This area is targeted on the Attunity suite of services and products, that are all on-premise (independently and collectively, «Attunity Products»).

Exactly What Are Attunity Log Data?

Attunity Products create log files («Attunity Log Files») whose role that is main to assist in troubleshooting scenarios. Whilst the content of this log differs considerably because of the logging setup specified because of the clients, they frequently consist of information of servers, community details, databases, tables and comparable technical information. If the greatest degree of logging is enabled, it will be possible for the log files to include fragments regarding the information prepared by the items and this may include personal/sensitive content.

Exactly What Are Diagnostic Packages?

The product offers an option to download a Diagnostic Package which is a zip file containing log files, definitions (including endpoint definitions), statistics and similar technical data in order to enhance the supportability of Attunity Replicate. The diagnostic package is installed locally where client can examine the diagnostics information and when needed, deliver all of it or elements of it to Qlik support for further analysis and also to aid in troubleshooting. The Diagnostic Package will not consist of consumer or individual information unless such information seems in log files (as explained above) and doesn’t add credentials. When delivering Diagnostic Packages to Qlik help, it is strongly recommended to examine the included information in advance and take away things that are considered sensitive and painful or irrelevant.

Are Attunity Log Data provided for Qlik?

Typically, no. Attunity Log data are conserved locally inside the consumer environment. Nonetheless, a client can deliver Attunity Log data as well as other information to Qlik to help with troubleshooting/Support dilemmas. Any content delivered to our help group is prepared and then resolve the Support problem, is held firmly and it is at the mercy of our access and information retention policies. It is strongly recommended that Attunity Log data and just about every other information content provided for Qlik for troubleshooting/Support problems are addressed in respect with basic IT recommendations related to access and security permissions.

For lots more information that is detailed Log data by item kind, please see backlinks at the conclusion with this Policy.

5. Qlik as an information Processor for customers:

The info below defines whenever Qlik is just an information Processor and / or Data Controller (as defined under GDPR or analogous legislation).

Qlik Cloud Solutions:

Qlik may be the information Controller of individual information gathered and prepared by Qlik to manage, keep and enhance our services and products, for instance verification information such as for instance usernames and password through Qlik ID, and use information such as for instance regularity of log-on, use per day, and traffic/usage per nation, etc. which Qlik processes to allocate resources better (age.g. host area) also to better serve Qlik clients and/or improve Qlik services. Whenever subscriptions are bought Qlik keeps, as with any organizations, a database Alexandria escort reviews of client and partner associates for billing, advertising as well as other business that is ordinary. Qlik processes this information in conformity with privacy regulations and keeps sufficient safety defenses to safeguard this information.

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