Advice to any or all ladies who are dating or thinking about marrying a man that is muslimalso a reaction to Lana))

Advice to any or all ladies who are dating or thinking about marrying a man that is muslimalso a reaction to Lana))

Submitted by Numina (Norway), Nov 3, 2020 at 18:57

Although i’ve responded to a poster with this web log, i needed to leave my reaction to her on this product along with it may assist a lot of women and in addition, it’ll be easier to identify regarding the board. Aside from the latest stories narrated on right here, we encourage females to consider the tales of Yasemine from Canada who had been poisoned by her husband whenever their visa had been refused and prepared their breakup and 2nd wedding before marrying this lovely woman that is canadian. Please,read aswell the stories of Bewildered, Hunny UK,Innocence and Becreative, see as well that lots of females discovered that they certainly were speaking and visiting the same males, and particularly, see the really smart commentary of Zella, Margaret from Poland and Luigi. See the story of Berberella, a brave ex muslim woman. Them all made a contribution that is huge their knowledge from my perspective.

Although i will be very happy to note that the quantity of females publishing their doubtful tales has reduced dramatically recently, I’m perhaps not certain that simply because they do not dare to publish their doubts, because perhaps their doubts are fixed after looking over this web log or because women can be nowadays more aware of scams in addition to global situation keeps everyone busy and afar from relationship. Anyway, for people who could get some advantage, here it goes:

Thanks, Lana. Yes i know of this tales you mention along with numerous others narrated with this forum. If you read from scratch this board, you can view an extremely clear pattern.

When you look at the «best» situation, ladies who defended their guys had been various and did not push them into Islam wind up heartbroken and scammed by one of these brilliant males, which appears very easy to state. But hurts profoundly. Into the worst one, if the males desire to have them inside their life because on the strange means they «love» them (it is never ever love but ownership), ladies revert in the interests of love, abandon their own families, origins and upbringing, find yourself isolated and residing a hell in life that is very hard to leave from.

That is why investigating religion/culture is crucial because ladies will discover out of the motive that is real these males have actually towards them. After that, it will be their option the way they like to live their life.

On a part note, Lana, females should additionally start their eyes about what’s happening in France recently. I do not also would you like to open that debate in here. But please, females on the market, get to know your guys them to our countries before you bring. They do not have to be terrorists to believe that freedom of message needs to be penalized. Our families worked difficult to attain the freedom we experience today. Don’t let them bring us centuries right back. Many thanks.

Simply take care also, Lana, and good work at staying strong also to perhaps not cave in into their tricks to get you to keep coming back. You are a strong girl and did put up a fantastic instance to adhere to by those that need to get reduce a life packed with chaos and deception.

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